Want To Learn How To Scuba Dive?

Do you want to learn to Scuba Dive with a friendly club, who take trips locally and abroad ?
Come along for a Try Dive to see how you get on.

What will happen?
You will learn in a pool and build up your skills and then move in to open water and build up your skills before passing off the qualifications.
At Viking Watersports we understand that each person is different and we conduct training at a pace suitable to you. 

Worried about cost?
There is the option to pay monthly and also rent kit from the club so you don't have to buy all the kit before you start.

What Qualifications can be achieved?

Ocean Diver
The first stage of training is conducted in a swimming pool or sheltered water.
It will provide you with the essential knowledge and skills needed to prepare you for open water diving.
Learning to dive is all about learning to use your equipment properly and safely.

Sports Diver
In sports diver training, the emphasis is on building a sound foundation of open water diving skills and experience through a series of structured practical lessons.
Diver rescue and practical safety techniques are an important element of this award.

Dive Leader
Dive Leader training concentrates on the responsibilities and safety aspects of leading an open water dive.
Practical lessons in rescue management and rescue skills will give you the confidence and ability to deal with those unforeseen (and extremely rare) emergencies.
Leading a dive will develop your enjoyment and experience as a diver.

Advanced Diver
This course further develops your knowledge and skills.
You will gain experience in planning and organising dives at different sites and under different circumstances.
Additional experience will be gained in using small boats, chartwork, navigation and many other related skills.
BSAC consider this grade as being a fully trained diver.